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Headquartered in McKinney Texas North American Auto Care Inc (NAAC) was founded by distinguished industry leaders in order to administer vehicle service contracts and asset protection insurance policies designed to provide every type of driver with more coverage and better pricing than any OEM and aftermarket administrator.

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Why NAAC Vehicle Service Contracts?

NAAC administers premium full coverage vehicle service contracts / extended auto warranties that are sold on the wholesale and retail markets in the United States.

Bridge The Gap Between You And Your Customers With NAAC Guaranteed Asset Protection

Customers often feeling they are taking a giant rusk when financing a new car. One if these is risks is the something happening to their car before their loan is paid off. However by enrolling Guaranteed Asset Protection, customers find peace of mind and are put at ease knowing that if their car is totaled beyond salvage they will not have to pay often loan. Contact your rep for more information about providing GAP insurance to your customers.

Meet Our Team

Kurtis Orcutt

President / COO

Kurtis Orcutt is the President and Chief Operating Officer for North American Auto Care, responsible for the strategic direction, vision, growth, and performance of NAAC.
As a seasoned professional with over 30 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry, Kurtis is known for driving brand, growth, maximizing operational excellence, and delivering financial performance. He most recently, before being employed by NAAC, served as the President of Accelerated Service International (Smart Autocare), where he led operations, branding, sales, and managed the company’s growth and development pipeline.
Before that, Kurtis acted as the National Vice President for Penn Warranty Corporation/ Prime Warranty/ Prime Auto Care. In addition, he also worked for Interstate National Corporation as the VP of Sales.
Kurtis started selling vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona in 1983. He worked his way up to Finance Manager and then Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager, Corporate Trainer, Sales Trainer, and The National Account Manager for EFG Companies out of Irving, Texas.

Peter Klein


Co-founder of North American Auto Care, Peter has 20 years of online marketing experience and is a widely published industry thought leader. Most recently he was the SVP of Media for MediaWhiz where he was responsible for the creation and growth of several marketing divisions. Prior to MediaWhiz, Peter held marketing positions at companies such as Cablevision, Barnes & Noble, and Publishers Clearing House. Peter holds a BS in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.

Our Testimonial

"These guys are simply amazing. I purchased a warranty plan from them and 3 weeks later my AC broke down. NAAC has had fantastic customer service and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an auto warranty company that definitely puts the customer first!"
Felicia Quinn
"I have been selling NAAC products on every car we sell since we started with them. Keeping my clients happy is always my number one goal. They always put the customer first and make my job easy. "
John Williams